Merry Christmas~

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Its 25th December already!!! (So soon ==)

Didn't actually plan to update now but its seriously boring up here as I'm currently waiting for the tour guide to get me and my family to the airport in around 30 minutes....(I think and I'm in Vietnam for your info lol)

Okay, I think I'll just say goodbye for now..
I'll be likely to update within these few days since I'm going back tonight..
Feliz Navidad and Chuc Mung Giang Sinh!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

Holidays? Yeah finally....

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Wow, it does feel a bit weird updating my blog after not updating my blog for ages...
Anyway, just to let you guys know I'm still alive and well, I shall update my blog..(lol?)

Lets see, from the day I last updated until now, quite a number of stuff that happened..
The ones I can recall are:

  • EXAMS [ wtf ]
  • RESULTS [ MORE wtf(s) ]
  • 3 days 2 night trip to Ipoh and Taiping
  • One U outing
I shall NOT start talking about exams and results...ain't gonna talk about it at all..
So I shall start with the 3 days 2 nights trip to Ipoh and Taiping..

I and my family went to Ipoh and Taiping not long ago, and there's basically nothing much to do there.
All I remember doing in Ipoh was eating, Hor Fan, Salted chicken, Pomelo and so on...
The food were pretty okay, some were nice and some weren't.. Overall, the trip there was still good.
In Taiping, besides eating we also managed to visit the zoo.
We went to the night safari on the 2nd night and then decided to go for the day zoo the next morning before heading back.
What I can say is that Taiping Zoo is better than KL's Zoo Negara =x...

Last Saturday, we had an outing to One U =D...
Watched Ninja Assassin ( don't ask how we entered ), simple story but pretty violent I guess.
Overall I'll rate average for that movie..
Other stuffs we did was walking, sitting, talking and shocking( Kritz and CKS would understand whats that )...

I shall stop here...Hopefully the next update and more updates to come wouldn't be after ages again =D

Judah Ben-Hur, the 2 person musical..

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Judah Ben-Hur was a great hit in the 1959, it was an epic film directed by William Wyler and was the third film version of Lew Wallace's 1880 novel "Ben-Hur".

I remember watching it when I was like 3 i guess, can't really remember anything.
All that i remember is that I didn't really enjoyed it, nor did I understand it..since I was only 3.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to understand the story once again.
A family, the Sanborn family from UK came to our church to present a 2-person musical.
The 2 person were Ellen Sanborn, the mother and David M. Sanborn, the son.
Usually their performance are presented by a crew.

The whole performance was superb...
Both David and Ellen sang really well.
David could sing like Soprano, Ellen sang so high even the microphone could not take it.

At least now I can tell others that I know how the story goes roughly...
No more "Erm...Erm...Erm..."

My comment: "Two Thumbs up...It was splendid"

Some other comments:
"POWERFUL!" - Today Magazine
"AWE-INSPIRING!" - The Arts Magazine
"A triumphant debut! The songs are so catchy and memorable that you'll be humming them on the way out." - MTV Asia

And there are more...A bit lazy to put it up xD.

Once again...Events and Happenings since my last update..

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Okay, where should i begin? Right, lets start from my piano results..
Had been telling myself that I would update since I got my results, but still didn't do so..
I'm lacking of determination i guess..

I finally got my Grade 8 Practical results!!!
It was really unexpected..seriously...
Though it was just a mere pass...I'm satisfied..
Thought I would fail it...

Anyway, passed it..
And the comments was : There was much to enjoy and commend..
Woah..that was seriously shocking..

Okay, thats done..What else? Let me think..
Oh ya, went back to KT ( Kuala Terengganu ) during the last Hari Raya..
Went to the beach! Finally...the last time I went was like when I was I-cant-reacall-when, 2-3 years ago perhaps?
Spent the short time there pretty okay..

The trip there was really enjoyable...
It was the best one I had I suppose..

Well, thats done as well...
Now time for the really exciting part!!

Basically the "DISSECTION OF MOUSE!!~" said pretty much everything...So I'll just go to the pictures..
The victims are cute....but the time has come MUAHAHAHA... lol..

Ah...the tools...I don't know whats their specific name...but its actually basically scissors...knives...more scissors and more knives...

Now the exciting part...the dissection!!
As you can see, we basically took off everything we can find from the front side and are dissecting the back see the brain!!We got through...theres the skull...

Thats the front part..Obviously lol

Well, I think I'll stop here...

Credits : KM...thanks for the photos!

Events and stuffs that happened since my last update...

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Basically, I didn't go to school since the end of July.
And I started going back to school today.
Well, to summarize what I had done the past 1 month plus:

Throughout the whole "holiday", I was pretty much enjoying myself.
My daily routine ( idea by KM )...
I did nothing much the whole time,


That was what I basically
Oh, I did another thing too..
Learned how to play the acoustic guitar on my own..
But I still think I'm a failure..T.T

Thursday, 27 Aug 2009
Cast was took off!! I was really suffering in that rock-solid cement-like "tube"..
And its my 2nd time in that thing!
Sometimes I really think that life really sucks, but we can't blame it all on that..
Life just go on..

Anyway, cast was took off.
The process was pretty scary although its my second time..
Imagine a saw cutting something on your leg..

But I still couldn't walk, haven't been using my leg for such a long time made my muscles weak and stiff..

Friday, 28 Aug 2009
Unexpectedly went to the 5k/6k gathering....with my crutch == lol.
Went to Mizi Shabu-shabu ( am I right? lol ), had steamboat..

It was basically my first time going to such gathering..
Overall, met lots of familiar-but-not-so-sure-who-they-are guys..Sorry D:
Food was okay, well its steamboat afterall.
Everyone was pretty warm and friendly..
And it was fun..
I'll definitely go to the next gathering if nothing is in the way..

Monday, 31 Aug 2009

Most of all, it was the National Day!
Happy ( belated )B'day Malaysia..

Besides, it was also my sis's big day..
Her graduation ceremony after she passed her diploma for her piano.

Gratz sis!

Another Bad Thing

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ARGHHHHHHHHH...Doc said my knee is not fully healed..
So have to cast it up for 3 weeks..
That means no school...HAIHZ!!
Skipping school for such a long time again..

Came back home..
Mom said no more basketball..
I told myself no more basketball too..
Can't afford to lose my leg..
Guess I'm going back to swimming..

But guess what..
Just to tell the truth..
I cried, mom saw that too..
It been like ages since I last cried ( except for the camp thing )..
I was just too upset that I had to stop basketball-ing..

It was the only thing that I had so much love and passion for..
And its gone just like that..
All my hard work and time spent was just gone like that..
Well, still trying to accept it..
I'm just frustrated with myself..

AHH!! How come things turned so bad D:

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Went for my piano practical exam yesterday in Hilton Hotel..
There was a technical problem that made the whole examination thing confusing..
My exam starts at 2pm and I reached Hilton at about 12.45pm..( I know..too early, but better be early that to be sorry xD )
One of the hotel worker told us that the exam place ( venue 3 ) is on the 9th floor..So I and dad went to the 9th floor..
And guess what? There wasn't even a single soul ==..
We felt abit awkward but still went to the waiting room and started waiting..

We waited.
And Waited..

And finally at 1.25pm, someone passed by.
We asked her ( the janitor ) whether we were in the right place.. and she told us that the exams are on the 10th floor..@#$%^%$#@

Okay, we kept our cool and went to the 10th floor..
There was only 1 guy there..So we asked him whether we could register.
Guess what he said..
He said : " Sorry sir, yes you are at the right place...But now we're having lunch break..Could be come back at around 2 + "..
I was so freaking annoyed that I said :" My exam is at 2pm " in a rough manner..

Anyway, he said : " Okay...We'll be back at 1.45pm"
So we waited in the waiting room..
Finally 1.45pm "came"..There was still no one else there...
1.50pm, still no body..
1.55pm..ah, they finally came..

Registered quickly and went straight in front of the exam room..
The examiner too quite a long time to settle but my exam finally started at 2.05pm i think..

Went with scales 1st..
Erm, I'd say i can play all the scales but..
I was so friggin' nervous that I played some of it in 3 octaves only..
Anyway, everything was pretty okay..

Then started with my 1st song..
While i was playing..I finally told myself..
Ah, no more nervousness as I was starting to warm up..
BUT at the last part of the piece, I play the wrong chord!!!
It the 1st mistake I've made that that part of the piece and I think I spoiled the whole damn song.. Haihz..

Anyway, went on with the 2nd piece,
Played at the right pace..
Though there are some errors but I think I'm pretty satisfied with it..

Then my 3rd song..
My favorite piece among the 3.
But when it went to the slow part..I made some rhythmic mistakes.
All because of the pedal of that piano..
Its a new piano and the pedal is covered with plastic..
And my leg kept on slipping down from the pedal..
So when I wanted to put my leg up again..There goes my rhythm "flying away"..

Sight reading was so damn hard..
My counting were all mixed up although I could play the notes ==..
Aural test...
Suck as usual..

Hopefully I pass this exam ==..
If not.. Bye bye cert T.T


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Went to watch Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen ..FINALLY!!!
Watched it in Summit GSC at 3pm and the theater was the THX certified one..
Extremely large theater with extremely large screen and with sweat speakers..
The sound effects was like "BOM BOM BOM BOM" and I could feel my heart pumping really hard.

Anyway, the movie was really nice..
And I think its way better than the T1..
Among the few new Autobots, I like the twins, Mudflap and Skids..and the mini decepticon which later helped the good side, Wheelie..


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Today is just crazy..
We, pengawas percubaan were given a tugasan to get all the 71 senior prefects' signature..
And we were only given 2 days..
AND the "best" thing is that we have to somehow do something to get signatures..

Did stuffs that I wouldn't do if I had a choice..
Sang, Dance, and run around begging ==..

Thats all...
Really hope that I didn't have to do all these stuff to humiliate myself T.T..

Hari Interaksi - PT day...

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Hari Interaksi was organized just the afternoon.
Usually they have it during school hours but somehow they changed it and had it in the afternoon from 2.30pm -4.30pm

School ended at 12.40pm (for me since I'm not taking Chinese), met Alex and then decided to go makan together.
We chatted and chatted and chatted and yeah..chatted..
Talked about lots of things..From Sports (Soccer and NBA) to stuff in our school.

Anyway, went back to school and started bertugas-ing.
Did nothing much..Just greeted the parents and teachers that walked pass..
Then I and Alex stood in front of our class and our teacher was like "Adik you ke?"
Alex said
And I think teacher actually believed.

Finally, it was mom's turn.
4 of us - mom, Alex, me and my bro sat there.
Teacher asked again "Adik you?"
"Abang angkat" someone said..can't recall who lol..
Got my results and stuff and then mom, my bro and Alex left.

I had to stay back till 4.30pm for my tugas thing..
Anyway, 4.30pm finally "came"
Went back home..Feeling tired.
Slept for around 2 hours after that..

Happenings since Friday..

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Hah...Finally able to blog about the many things that happened the past few days.

Went to school as usual...I was telling myself "Its not today" but it actually was LOL..
Didn't want to go to the Kem Kepimpinan but forced myself to accept the fact that I'm going.
Left school at 3pm? Think so..
Played basketball for awhile before going.. And now I can conclude that I'm still weak T.T..
Reached the campsite at 4+ or 5+..not really sure..

We had to build our own tent and sleep in it for the 3 day 2 night camp! I thought we were sleeping in dorms and chalet.
Had ice breaking..Quite fun-ny...
Kritz's modeling was pretty nice to watch xD..

Had quiz-es at night...some were pretty cacated...
Anyway, it was fun..
Then we had night walk together with SMK Tengku Hussein..
I wasn't allowed to go and the 2 hours wait was like FOREVER..
Anyway, it finally ended.. Had our bath at 1am - 2am..
Then the others had campfire and everyone wasn't able to sleep because of that
So me, Kritz and Blake went to the canteen and chatted ( or what did we do? )
Finally was able to sleep at 4+..

Woke up at 6 i guess.. Had my bath and got ready
Went for morning exercise at 7am..
Did all sorts of stuff...Like some banana

Then we had the Benderaku activity..
Had to make a 5 x 1m pole to stand without anyone holding it and we were only given raphia strings.
Spent quite long and we broke 2 things but finally finished at 3rd place after the rules were loosen..

Next was the Reef Knot activity..
Spent 1 hour and 10 mins to tie a knot and it was really hard...
At first it started okay..Then as time passes, everything wasn't that well..
Some people got impatient and a they almost started a fight..
Everything went well and we finally did it..

Then we were suppose to finish up our tugasan..
We were to make a future invention by using craps that we can find around the camp area..
We were the 1st group to finish and we relaxed ourselves by doing the chicken dance..
really had fun..
Then we were given a second tugasan..
We were supposed to make our own dance step for the German Drum song ( was it that song? nevermind xD )

At night, we were given a talk by someone..cant recall who but he was some joker..
Then we had "crying session"..
Everyone cried except Kritz i guess..
Was trying to hold back but at last still broke down...
Slept at 3 that night..
Sum it up, I slept around 4-5 hours for the 3 days ==

Woke up at 6am i think.
Had senamrobik. We did the chicken dance again LOL
Performed our dance step...we won LOL
Then presented our "future tool"
Aterthat was the Sesi Refleksi..
I was chosen to go out and I someout went out and managed to talk..Thank God..
But I really don't know how I actually done it as I'm sort of abit timid..
Lastly was the Majlis Tutup..
Then we had to leave..
Had so much memories that I felt like staying abit longer lol..
Anyway, I still left..

Reached school at 3pm...Family was on the way back from Summit..
So I went to Kritz house..
They went to watch 17 Again and my bro actually bought a Nike On Air series shoes - Nike Flex...I want a Nike Air also T.T

Anyway, reached home..
Bath and slept for like 3-4 hours..
Woke up for dinner..
And I was so tired that I felt that there were not even a little bit of strength in my body to move myself..Struggled awhile and finally got myself moving ==
And I fell asleep when I was having dinner lol..

Well, guess thats all..
Oh ya, thanks hel me thank your dad for offering transport...
By the way, those of you who were suppose to go to the camp but didn't go...
You guys really miss the fun =D..

Haihz.. Too bad...

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38% for Pendidikan Sivik...

Man...Regretted for not doing the card..IT WAS 50% AND I DIDN'T KNOW...
Now there's not even a ray of hope of getting top 10 in class...
In fact, there's only less than 1% for me to be in the top 20..

Now I'm really disappointed with myself..

Happy Birthday to My Friend, Joshua

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Hey buddy,
Its your Birthday today right?
Happy Birthday =D

Ahh....Bodyaches! Great news...

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Bought a basketball last Saturday when we had our Movie Marathon...
Bought my 1st Wilson basketball..Didn't expect it to be good since I had never played with a Wilson ball..
But its not bad compared to some of the Spalding and Molten balls I had last time.

Did "rehab" yesterday..It felt great though I found out I'm really weak after resting for around 10 months.
Today whole body was aching.
It was the worst bodyache I've experienced after the 10-months of rest.

Yet, I still did "rehab" today.
Found out that the "rehab" session yesterday was very useful..
I felt improvements and I felt the strength that I used to have was coming back bit by bit.
Its a feeling I had never felt for like ages..
I'm now really happy and I'm expecting the aches will get worse tomorrow. =D

My hopes now:
Start from square one.
Regain my form and strength.
Surpass my old self.
And finally, be the most fearsome player! ( I know the last one is too much, so I'm not putting too high hopes for myself..but even if I can't do it, I'll make sure I surpass my old self )

Orientasi o.O

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Went late to orientasi today,
Luckily I wasn't very late.

Had all kinds of activities
Didn't really enjoyed most of them LOL...
Ahh..Almost fell during the "activiti lasak"..MANY TIMES !@#$%

And I was the only "banana" in my team..
*Banana is yellow..I hope you know what I'm trying to say*

Not trying to be a racist or somthing,
but I had lots of hard time getting along with my teammates..
They often left me out in the activities..
Its as if I'm made out of glass..*pfft*

Anyway, overall didn't have fun.
Wasn't motivated.
And I'm still blur...

Oh shit...Wasted time..

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Went to One Utama today after church..
Ate at McDonalds and somehow my family decided to go shopping..
I walked till my feet hurts..
Finally came back at 5pm..

I'm so dead ~

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Today was a pretty busy day, I woke up around 9am..All pumped up to see the doctor..
Somehow, I had this feeling that I'll be able to play basketball soon..

I washed up, ate breakfast, got ready and went to the hospital. My appointment was suppose to be 11.10am but I had to wait til 11.30am...
When I entered the doctor's clinic and told doc about all the swelling and stuff, he said that it was normal and asked me to satrt walking. I was really relieved to hear it.

Then, dad asked doc whether I was able to play basketball after this injury. Doc said "Obviously....." And dad was like so happy, I myself was like "SHIT!"..."He can" the doc continued...Then dad said "I was actually expecting you to say 'No'..And doc said, "Aiya..You didn't bribe me before coming in"..All of us had a good laugh..

So now..Bye bye my other two legs..

Then went to tuition after lunch without my crutches..

After that, had to rush to the Dentist Clinic to tighten my bracers..
Changed the rubber color to Silver.
Now finally back at 5pm..
Haven't even start studying..
I'm soooo Dead

Happy Mothers' Day!

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Its 10th of May 2009 and Its Mothers' Day.
Went to church this morning..
The kids had a presentation..Pretty cute one too..
Speaker gave us a very meaningful message.
Mom was crying all the way through..
I, myself almost I didn't..
We ended with 5 of us hugging each other while other families did the same too..
It was really meaningful

Well, just want to wish all Mothers a very Happy Mothers' Day..
May you be blessed and be a blessing to others..

Lastly, I would like to present this poem to all Mothers worldwide :

A mother's love determines how
We love ourselves and others.
There is no sky we'll ever see
Not lit by that first love.

Stripped of love, the universe
Would drive us mad with pain;
But we are born into a world
That greets our cries with joy.

How much I owe you for the kiss
That told me who I was!
The greatest gift--a love of life--
Lay laughing in your eyes.

Because of you my world still has
The soft grace of your smile;
And every wind of fortune bears
The scent of your caress.

A normal day at school...

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Went to school earlier than usual..I don't know why and how though..
As usual, we have our morning assembly..
But they had spot check for student's tidiness..
Hang Yang was caught ( which I had expected )
Hau Nung was caught too...Guess his hair was too thick lol..
Josh got caught and I don't know why..His hair is definitely "pro-rules".
Luckily I was exempted, my hair's quite long..

Physics was pretty okay..teacher's teaching was pretty clear...
We did exercise for the whole 2 periods of Chemist..
I did all my add maths work..So I actually did nothing during add maths..

I brought my own banana cake from home! I feel so "xin fu"..
Still bought mee goreng because mom packed only 2 piece of the cake..

Did NIE for the whole English period..Spent like 2 periods to draw a little comic strip..
And I almost ruined it at the end..
Finally BM...All I did was just copy copy and copy..

Overall, I did almost nothing in school.I think.

I'm allowed to play?

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"Son, no more basketball..."
"If you want, we don't mind bringing you to the Bukit Jalil swimming pool."
"No more other vigorous sports also"

I remember these were things my parents told me when I got injured the second time.
This morning, I asked my mom "After I'm well, can I get some guards? I think I'm injury prone"
Mom was like "Okay..I was planning to get some for you anyway"
Man...That was a good start i thought..

Then, on the way back home, my sister said something about basketball ( can't memory is really getting bad ) And she asked me whether I needed something which is related to basketball..And I said "Yeah, of course"..Dad and Mom did not say a single thing..

Finally, we reached home..While going in the house, I saw my dear ball left outside beside the shoe rack ( I usually put it in the house )..I took in and starting doing some simple dribbles with my crutches... Dad saw me and he did not say a single thing about it......

I do hope that I can get back in action in a month or two...
Hopefully I'm allowed to do so...

Not Bad At All...

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Today was not as bad as i thought it would be last night...
I didn't finish my B.Melayu karangan and didn't prepare for my lisan ( Malay Oral Test )...
I even thought that I've finished add maths homework ( I had done only a little bit..which I found out in school today )..

Anyhow, I went to school as usual...
Luckily our P.Sivik Teacher allowed us to do our own work...And I managed to finish my add maths and prepared a little bit for lisan..

Then, just around 10-20 minutes before BM class, my friends told me that our BM teacher will not be entering our class..Thinking about it, I'm pretty lucky

Besides, something actually made me really happy..
Some of our school team under 18 players actually told me that they're determined to improve their skills and game... Guess they're still unhappy about the 1 point lost to SMK Seri Indah..
Sad story..But it's actually a good effort since its the first time most of them played in the MSSD..
I do hope and trust that they will improve as individuals and we will improve as a team..
That is if they're determination is not a temporary one...

The next joyous thing is that our under 15 boys played with Seksyen 4 ( always Seksyen 1's rival , I think ) and they won by trashing them 43-24.. Good for the under 15, although sometimes I don't really like them, but I'm still happy to hear that they won..


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Puan Rajes, our discipline teacher came to class and called some of our names for interview this afternoon at 2.30pm to be pengawas..

Kritz went..Josh didn't..
I was hanging there don't know whether I'm going or not...Lol..
One side of me telling me to go because of the co-co marks...
While the other side is telling me not to go because of I might not be able to hold up to the responsibilities...

Finally decided not to go anyway...
Hopefully its the right decision..

Finally done...I hope...

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Hopefully this skin of mine will not cause me anymore troubles or else I'll be having headaches all over again...

Some of the things changed from yesterday's...
The skin that I failed putting up yesterday finally worked.
Changed some of the layouts.
Added a ChatBox...( just for )

Come to think of it..
I spent like 2 hours plus changing these small things.
But overall..I'm satisfied..
Guess the time wasted was worthwhile.

Do give me some comments ya ^.^v

1st day of my Blogging life

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Spent more than 6 hours trying to make sure my blog is presentable..
And I'm still a bit lost..
Sad to admit that I'm stupid in this whole blogging thing.

Failed 3 times trying to put a super cool skin and I still don't know why I failed..( I feel like some sort of )
And now end up with this pretty "okay" skin...Well, I'm satisfied..although its just a

Thanks to Josh, Kritz , Kar Mern and CKS for helping and giving some useful comments..

Haha...I can't believe I've typed this much! Cool..
And..And..Its 10.30 pm already but I've not done my homework...
Better stop here..
Or I'm really dead...