Another Bad Thing

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ARGHHHHHHHHH...Doc said my knee is not fully healed..
So have to cast it up for 3 weeks..
That means no school...HAIHZ!!
Skipping school for such a long time again..

Came back home..
Mom said no more basketball..
I told myself no more basketball too..
Can't afford to lose my leg..
Guess I'm going back to swimming..

But guess what..
Just to tell the truth..
I cried, mom saw that too..
It been like ages since I last cried ( except for the camp thing )..
I was just too upset that I had to stop basketball-ing..

It was the only thing that I had so much love and passion for..
And its gone just like that..
All my hard work and time spent was just gone like that..
Well, still trying to accept it..
I'm just frustrated with myself..

AHH!! How come things turned so bad D:

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Went for my piano practical exam yesterday in Hilton Hotel..
There was a technical problem that made the whole examination thing confusing..
My exam starts at 2pm and I reached Hilton at about 12.45pm..( I know..too early, but better be early that to be sorry xD )
One of the hotel worker told us that the exam place ( venue 3 ) is on the 9th floor..So I and dad went to the 9th floor..
And guess what? There wasn't even a single soul ==..
We felt abit awkward but still went to the waiting room and started waiting..

We waited.
And Waited..

And finally at 1.25pm, someone passed by.
We asked her ( the janitor ) whether we were in the right place.. and she told us that the exams are on the 10th floor..@#$%^%$#@

Okay, we kept our cool and went to the 10th floor..
There was only 1 guy there..So we asked him whether we could register.
Guess what he said..
He said : " Sorry sir, yes you are at the right place...But now we're having lunch break..Could be come back at around 2 + "..
I was so freaking annoyed that I said :" My exam is at 2pm " in a rough manner..

Anyway, he said : " Okay...We'll be back at 1.45pm"
So we waited in the waiting room..
Finally 1.45pm "came"..There was still no one else there...
1.50pm, still no body..
1.55pm..ah, they finally came..

Registered quickly and went straight in front of the exam room..
The examiner too quite a long time to settle but my exam finally started at 2.05pm i think..

Went with scales 1st..
Erm, I'd say i can play all the scales but..
I was so friggin' nervous that I played some of it in 3 octaves only..
Anyway, everything was pretty okay..

Then started with my 1st song..
While i was playing..I finally told myself..
Ah, no more nervousness as I was starting to warm up..
BUT at the last part of the piece, I play the wrong chord!!!
It the 1st mistake I've made that that part of the piece and I think I spoiled the whole damn song.. Haihz..

Anyway, went on with the 2nd piece,
Played at the right pace..
Though there are some errors but I think I'm pretty satisfied with it..

Then my 3rd song..
My favorite piece among the 3.
But when it went to the slow part..I made some rhythmic mistakes.
All because of the pedal of that piano..
Its a new piano and the pedal is covered with plastic..
And my leg kept on slipping down from the pedal..
So when I wanted to put my leg up again..There goes my rhythm "flying away"..

Sight reading was so damn hard..
My counting were all mixed up although I could play the notes ==..
Aural test...
Suck as usual..

Hopefully I pass this exam ==..
If not.. Bye bye cert T.T


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Went to watch Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen ..FINALLY!!!
Watched it in Summit GSC at 3pm and the theater was the THX certified one..
Extremely large theater with extremely large screen and with sweat speakers..
The sound effects was like "BOM BOM BOM BOM" and I could feel my heart pumping really hard.

Anyway, the movie was really nice..
And I think its way better than the T1..
Among the few new Autobots, I like the twins, Mudflap and Skids..and the mini decepticon which later helped the good side, Wheelie..


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Today is just crazy..
We, pengawas percubaan were given a tugasan to get all the 71 senior prefects' signature..
And we were only given 2 days..
AND the "best" thing is that we have to somehow do something to get signatures..

Did stuffs that I wouldn't do if I had a choice..
Sang, Dance, and run around begging ==..

Thats all...
Really hope that I didn't have to do all these stuff to humiliate myself T.T..

Hari Interaksi - PT day...

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Hari Interaksi was organized just the afternoon.
Usually they have it during school hours but somehow they changed it and had it in the afternoon from 2.30pm -4.30pm

School ended at 12.40pm (for me since I'm not taking Chinese), met Alex and then decided to go makan together.
We chatted and chatted and chatted and yeah..chatted..
Talked about lots of things..From Sports (Soccer and NBA) to stuff in our school.

Anyway, went back to school and started bertugas-ing.
Did nothing much..Just greeted the parents and teachers that walked pass..
Then I and Alex stood in front of our class and our teacher was like "Adik you ke?"
Alex said
And I think teacher actually believed.

Finally, it was mom's turn.
4 of us - mom, Alex, me and my bro sat there.
Teacher asked again "Adik you?"
"Abang angkat" someone said..can't recall who lol..
Got my results and stuff and then mom, my bro and Alex left.

I had to stay back till 4.30pm for my tugas thing..
Anyway, 4.30pm finally "came"
Went back home..Feeling tired.
Slept for around 2 hours after that..