Happenings since Friday..

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Hah...Finally able to blog about the many things that happened the past few days.

Went to school as usual...I was telling myself "Its not today" but it actually was LOL..
Didn't want to go to the Kem Kepimpinan but forced myself to accept the fact that I'm going.
Left school at 3pm? Think so..
Played basketball for awhile before going.. And now I can conclude that I'm still weak T.T..
Reached the campsite at 4+ or 5+..not really sure..

We had to build our own tent and sleep in it for the 3 day 2 night camp! I thought we were sleeping in dorms and chalet.
Had ice breaking..Quite fun-ny...
Kritz's modeling was pretty nice to watch xD..

Had quiz-es at night...some were pretty cacated...
Anyway, it was fun..
Then we had night walk together with SMK Tengku Hussein..
I wasn't allowed to go and the 2 hours wait was like FOREVER..
Anyway, it finally ended.. Had our bath at 1am - 2am..
Then the others had campfire and everyone wasn't able to sleep because of that
So me, Kritz and Blake went to the canteen and chatted ( or what did we do? )
Finally was able to sleep at 4+..

Woke up at 6 i guess.. Had my bath and got ready
Went for morning exercise at 7am..
Did all sorts of stuff...Like some banana thing..lol

Then we had the Benderaku activity..
Had to make a 5 x 1m pole to stand without anyone holding it and we were only given raphia strings.
Spent quite long and we broke 2 things but finally finished at 3rd place after the rules were loosen..

Next was the Reef Knot activity..
Spent 1 hour and 10 mins to tie a knot and it was really hard...
At first it started okay..Then as time passes, everything wasn't that well..
Some people got impatient and a they almost started a fight..
Everything went well and we finally did it..

Then we were suppose to finish up our tugasan..
We were to make a future invention by using craps that we can find around the camp area..
We were the 1st group to finish and we relaxed ourselves by doing the chicken dance..
really had fun..
Then we were given a second tugasan..
We were supposed to make our own dance step for the German Drum song ( was it that song? nevermind xD )

At night, we were given a talk by someone..cant recall who but he was some joker..
Then we had "crying session"..
Everyone cried except Kritz i guess..
Was trying to hold back but at last still broke down...
Slept at 3 that night..
Sum it up, I slept around 4-5 hours for the 3 days ==

Woke up at 6am i think.
Had senamrobik. We did the chicken dance again LOL
Performed our dance step...we won LOL
Then presented our "future tool"
Aterthat was the Sesi Refleksi..
I was chosen to go out and I someout went out and managed to talk..Thank God..
But I really don't know how I actually done it as I'm sort of abit timid..
Lastly was the Majlis Tutup..
Then we had to leave..
Had so much memories that I felt like staying abit longer lol..
Anyway, I still left..

Reached school at 3pm...Family was on the way back from Summit..
So I went to Kritz house..
They went to watch 17 Again and my bro actually bought a Nike On Air series shoes - Nike Flex...I want a Nike Air also T.T

Anyway, reached home..
Bath and slept for like 3-4 hours..
Woke up for dinner..
And I was so tired that I felt that there were not even a little bit of strength in my body to move myself..Struggled awhile and finally got myself moving ==
And I fell asleep when I was having dinner lol..

Well, guess thats all..
Oh ya, thanks Kritz..do hel me thank your dad for offering transport...
By the way, those of you who were suppose to go to the camp but didn't go...
You guys really miss the fun =D..

Haihz.. Too bad...

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38% for Pendidikan Sivik...

Man...Regretted for not doing the card..IT WAS 50% AND I DIDN'T KNOW...
Now there's not even a ray of hope of getting top 10 in class...
In fact, there's only less than 1% for me to be in the top 20..

Now I'm really disappointed with myself..

Happy Birthday to My Friend, Joshua

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Hey buddy,
Its your Birthday today right?
Happy Birthday =D

Ahh....Bodyaches! Great news...

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Bought a basketball last Saturday when we had our Movie Marathon...
Bought my 1st Wilson basketball..Didn't expect it to be good since I had never played with a Wilson ball..
But its not bad compared to some of the Spalding and Molten balls I had last time.

Did "rehab" yesterday..It felt great though I found out I'm really weak after resting for around 10 months.
Today whole body was aching.
It was the worst bodyache I've experienced after the 10-months of rest.

Yet, I still did "rehab" today.
Found out that the "rehab" session yesterday was very useful..
I felt improvements and I felt the strength that I used to have was coming back bit by bit.
Its a feeling I had never felt for like ages..
I'm now really happy and I'm expecting the aches will get worse tomorrow. =D

My hopes now:
Start from square one.
Regain my form and strength.
Surpass my old self.
And finally, be the most fearsome player! ( I know the last one is too much, so I'm not putting too high hopes for myself..but even if I can't do it, I'll make sure I surpass my old self )