Not Bad At All...

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Today was not as bad as i thought it would be last night...
I didn't finish my B.Melayu karangan and didn't prepare for my lisan ( Malay Oral Test )...
I even thought that I've finished add maths homework ( I had done only a little bit..which I found out in school today )..

Anyhow, I went to school as usual...
Luckily our P.Sivik Teacher allowed us to do our own work...And I managed to finish my add maths and prepared a little bit for lisan..

Then, just around 10-20 minutes before BM class, my friends told me that our BM teacher will not be entering our class..Thinking about it, I'm pretty lucky

Besides, something actually made me really happy..
Some of our school team under 18 players actually told me that they're determined to improve their skills and game... Guess they're still unhappy about the 1 point lost to SMK Seri Indah..
Sad story..But it's actually a good effort since its the first time most of them played in the MSSD..
I do hope and trust that they will improve as individuals and we will improve as a team..
That is if they're determination is not a temporary one...

The next joyous thing is that our under 15 boys played with Seksyen 4 ( always Seksyen 1's rival , I think ) and they won by trashing them 43-24.. Good for the under 15, although sometimes I don't really like them, but I'm still happy to hear that they won..


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Puan Rajes, our discipline teacher came to class and called some of our names for interview this afternoon at 2.30pm to be pengawas..

Kritz went..Josh didn't..
I was hanging there don't know whether I'm going or not...Lol..
One side of me telling me to go because of the co-co marks...
While the other side is telling me not to go because of I might not be able to hold up to the responsibilities...

Finally decided not to go anyway...
Hopefully its the right decision..

Finally done...I hope...

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Hopefully this skin of mine will not cause me anymore troubles or else I'll be having headaches all over again...

Some of the things changed from yesterday's...
The skin that I failed putting up yesterday finally worked.
Changed some of the layouts.
Added a ChatBox...( just for )

Come to think of it..
I spent like 2 hours plus changing these small things.
But overall..I'm satisfied..
Guess the time wasted was worthwhile.

Do give me some comments ya ^.^v

1st day of my Blogging life

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Spent more than 6 hours trying to make sure my blog is presentable..
And I'm still a bit lost..
Sad to admit that I'm stupid in this whole blogging thing.

Failed 3 times trying to put a super cool skin and I still don't know why I failed..( I feel like some sort of )
And now end up with this pretty "okay" skin...Well, I'm satisfied..although its just a

Thanks to Josh, Kritz , Kar Mern and CKS for helping and giving some useful comments..

Haha...I can't believe I've typed this much! Cool..
And..And..Its 10.30 pm already but I've not done my homework...
Better stop here..
Or I'm really dead...