Events and stuffs that happened since my last update...

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Basically, I didn't go to school since the end of July.
And I started going back to school today.
Well, to summarize what I had done the past 1 month plus:

Throughout the whole "holiday", I was pretty much enjoying myself.
My daily routine ( idea by KM )...
I did nothing much the whole time,


That was what I basically
Oh, I did another thing too..
Learned how to play the acoustic guitar on my own..
But I still think I'm a failure..T.T

Thursday, 27 Aug 2009
Cast was took off!! I was really suffering in that rock-solid cement-like "tube"..
And its my 2nd time in that thing!
Sometimes I really think that life really sucks, but we can't blame it all on that..
Life just go on..

Anyway, cast was took off.
The process was pretty scary although its my second time..
Imagine a saw cutting something on your leg..

But I still couldn't walk, haven't been using my leg for such a long time made my muscles weak and stiff..

Friday, 28 Aug 2009
Unexpectedly went to the 5k/6k gathering....with my crutch == lol.
Went to Mizi Shabu-shabu ( am I right? lol ), had steamboat..

It was basically my first time going to such gathering..
Overall, met lots of familiar-but-not-so-sure-who-they-are guys..Sorry D:
Food was okay, well its steamboat afterall.
Everyone was pretty warm and friendly..
And it was fun..
I'll definitely go to the next gathering if nothing is in the way..

Monday, 31 Aug 2009

Most of all, it was the National Day!
Happy ( belated )B'day Malaysia..

Besides, it was also my sis's big day..
Her graduation ceremony after she passed her diploma for her piano.

Gratz sis!