Judah Ben-Hur, the 2 person musical..

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Judah Ben-Hur was a great hit in the 1959, it was an epic film directed by William Wyler and was the third film version of Lew Wallace's 1880 novel "Ben-Hur".

I remember watching it when I was like 3 i guess, can't really remember anything.
All that i remember is that I didn't really enjoyed it, nor did I understand it..since I was only 3.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to understand the story once again.
A family, the Sanborn family from UK came to our church to present a 2-person musical.
The 2 person were Ellen Sanborn, the mother and David M. Sanborn, the son.
Usually their performance are presented by a crew.

The whole performance was superb...
Both David and Ellen sang really well.
David could sing like Soprano, Ellen sang so high even the microphone could not take it.

At least now I can tell others that I know how the story goes roughly...
No more "Erm...Erm...Erm..."

My comment: "Two Thumbs up...It was splendid"

Some other comments:
"POWERFUL!" - Today Magazine
"AWE-INSPIRING!" - The Arts Magazine
"A triumphant debut! The songs are so catchy and memorable that you'll be humming them on the way out." - MTV Asia

And there are more...A bit lazy to put it up xD.

Once again...Events and Happenings since my last update..

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Okay, where should i begin? Right, lets start from my piano results..
Had been telling myself that I would update since I got my results, but still didn't do so..
I'm lacking of determination i guess..

I finally got my Grade 8 Practical results!!!
It was really unexpected..seriously...
Though it was just a mere pass...I'm satisfied..
Thought I would fail it...

Anyway, passed it..
And the comments was : There was much to enjoy and commend..
Woah..that was seriously shocking..

Okay, thats done..What else? Let me think..
Oh ya, went back to KT ( Kuala Terengganu ) during the last Hari Raya..
Went to the beach! Finally...the last time I went was like when I was I-cant-reacall-when, 2-3 years ago perhaps?
Spent the short time there pretty okay..

The trip there was really enjoyable...
It was the best one I had I suppose..

Well, thats done as well...
Now time for the really exciting part!!

Basically the "DISSECTION OF MOUSE!!~" said pretty much everything...So I'll just go to the pictures..
The victims are cute....but the time has come MUAHAHAHA... lol..

Ah...the tools...I don't know whats their specific name...but its actually basically scissors...knives...more scissors and more knives...

Now the exciting part...the dissection!!
As you can see, we basically took off everything we can find from the front side and are dissecting the back part..to see the brain!!We got through...theres the skull...

Thats the front part..Obviously lol

Well, I think I'll stop here...

Credits : KM...thanks for the photos!