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This year's CNY in KT was pretty different from the previous years..
Totally no PS2 throughout our 3 days stay, me and Beng used to play the PS2 for like 12 hrs a day last time lol..
Had alot of fun + new experience this year..=D

Sunday, 14/2/2010

Went to grandparents place in PJ for breakfast as usual. After everything, we started our 8 hours journey to K.Terengganu at 1pm (late? i think so too ==)

So, the journey was long, obviously but much more bearable compared to last time, maybe its because we're much older now. We arrived at around 8.00pm, which means that our journey took us 7 hours =D...

We had our dinner at 8.30pm together with the other relatives.

Later at 9.00pm, the younger people decided to play pictionary which we brought from home..

We played like 2 rounds and it ended at 11pm+...At the end, i slept at 12.30am...

Monday, 13/2/2010
Somehow, my body just made me wake up at 6.20am. And I couldn't sleep after that even after much turning on the bed. Oh well, I decided to go down and wash up(and get prepared for breakfast? yeah think so ==).

After everything was done, I looked at the clock, and it was only 7.00am. This gave me no choice but to start doing my Chemistry Practical and PEKA, boooooring....and my stomach was crying out loud to be fed..

Then at approx 9.00am, Uncle Roger came with the laksa.

The laksa was delicious!! Thanks Uncle Roger!

After that, I got the chance to eat a turtle egg ( well, a little ).

Took like 1/10 a spoon and the taste was like....extremely strong.
Didn't really like it but it was at least an experience being able to taste a turtle egg.

In the afternoon, I was to tired I decided to go for a short nap. I intended to have a short one but it turned out a sleep instead of a nap ==..

At night, we went to Jie Theng's house for a CNY party =D
Guess what meat is this?
Finally, we went back at 12.30am and I had to wait for my turn to wash up as there's like 16 ppl using 1 bathroom. So while waiting, I took out my Chemistry Practical and started doing, again. Finally, I was the 2nd last person to bath and it was like 2am when it was my turn. Slept at 2.45am that day.

Tuesday. 16/2/2010
Once again, my body made me wake up at 6.45am, only had like 4 hours sleep..
And once again, I tried twisting and turning but it was still not enough for me to fall asleep.

Well, the only thing I could do was forcing myself up, wash up and continue my Chemistry Practical and PEKA. And guess what, I finished them that morning =D, I was really relieved when I actually finished it.

After that, we had our breakfast. Had Nasi Dagang and Pulut Cawan for breakfast (deliciouso..).
Then, I got to watch Slumdog Millionaire for the 1st time lol..
Good movie =D...10/10 lol..

Later in the evening, we played the tingting, or whatever you call it lol.

Uncles and Aunties are much better compared to use young people in this, seriously...

Also, we went to the beach nearby.
We brought kites, frisbee, and a small ball.

We wanted to play captain ball but it rained, so too bad ):

At night, we celebrated Uncle's Kok Soo's Birthday before having our dinner.

Later, we had to say "goodbye" to Uncle Kok Soo and family as they were going back to Penang that night.

Later, just to "deboredalise", we decided to play pictionary again.
Finally, lights out at 12.30am.

Wednesday, 17/2/2010
This time, I woke up at 8.30am, finally a good night rest. Maybe its because I've done my Chemistry =D.

Sent Uncle Tian Soo and family back early in the morning.

Had Nasi Lemak and Nasi Dagang for breakfast (deliciouso again).

Then, we went to visit Uncle Kian Soo. And afterthat Auntie Suan and Uncle Roger =D.
Me and Beng managed to play/learn how to play the electric guitar, thanks Uncle Roger =D.

The later activities were as usual / boring lol.

Slept at 12.00am.